Concept art of an in-game location.

Locations are areas in the game where the storyline takes place. Shellshock 2: Blood Trails is based in Southeast Asia, and features lush jungles as well as cities and ancient temples.


Vietnam is a nation in East Asia. It was the main area in which the Vietnam War was fought. During the war, it was divided into two areas along the Seventeenth Parallel: North Vietnam was the Communist controlled region where Ho Chi Minh and his forces based their operations from. South Vietnam was where the U.S backed Capitalist government was, and where all the major battles of the war were fought.

In Shellshock 2, the first few levels of the game take place in South Vietnam. Nate is sent to a military base in Pleiku, and from there battles through the countryside against Viet Cong and NVA units in his search for WhiteKnight. Along the way, Nate will encounter an old mansion in the mission Refuge. This is a testament to former French colonial rule of much of Southeast Asia.


The second half of the game takes place in the border regions of Cambodia. During the Vietnam War, Cambodia was part of the territory covered by the Ho Chi Minh trail, a route used to move supplies from North Vietnam to Communist guerillas in the South. The Viet Cong also set up bases there, from which they launched attacks on American and South Vietnamese troops. In the game, Dr. DuMont is flown there with his deadly contagion. His transport is destroyed in an accident of some kind, and he flees to an abandoned temple in the wilderness.

Nate will later make his way over the border into Cambodia, traveling through a set of old ruins and then going by helicopter to a section of the Ho Chi Minh trail, where he is ambushed and taken prisoner by Nguyen Trang.

After escaping captivity, the protagonist finally discovers the location of DuMont's hideout. This is where the last mission of the game takes place.

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